Home & Garden Tour

Tickets are $12 in advance or $15 if purchased on the days of tour.

Tickets can be purchased before the tour dates at Savvy Real Estate or Royal Gardens. Both businesses are on 7th Street at:

Savvy Real Estate
1920 7th Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28204

Royal Gardens
1733 7th Street
Charlotte, NC 28204

In addition to pre-sales. both Royal Gardens and Savvy Real Estate will be selling tickets on Saturday October 11th during the tour but only Savvy Real Estate will be selling tickets on Sunday October 12th.

The tour promises to be a great weekend, showcasing five Elizabeth homes, two residential gardens, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church and the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs. Whether you enjoy traditional, modern, eclectic or historical residences, this year’s tour features some amazing homes and has something to interest us all.

Volunteers and sponsors are integral to the success of the Home and Garden Tour each year. If you have an interest in staffing a tour home or enlisting area businesses for sponsorship, please contact one of the tour chairs listed below or visit the Home and Garden Tour volunteer page **Sign up for two volunteer shifts and receive one free tour ticket.

Tour Co-Chairs
Colleen Plott – colleenplott@gmail.com
Lindsay Jones McCleary – lindsayjones1230@gmail.com

Media/Communications Chair
Suzanne Henry – suzkhenry@gmail.com

Volunteers to staff the tour homes
Michael DePalma – michaeldepalma@hotmail.com

Sponsorship Chair
Victoria Gabbard – vygabbard@gmail.com

The Elizabeth Home and Garden Tour relies heavily on the generosity of volunteers. To review volunteer opportunities and sign up, please visit our Home and Garden Tour volunteer page.

The committee wishes to thank those who are graciously sharing their homes and gardens this fall:

Holly and Bryan Adams
538 Lamar Avenue

Erik & Michelle Dagenhart
2134 Greenway Avenue

Greg Godley
701 Clement Avenue

Rodney Hines
708 Oakland Avenue

Meghan Scannell
400 Clarice Avenue #145

Elaine Scott and Jerry Tylman
2400 Kenmore Avenue

Diana and Reid Watson
2404 Kenmore Avenue

Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs
1820 E. 7th Street

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church
1510 E. 7th Street