A New Mural

If you walk or drive on Pecan Avenue you may have noticed that new public art is being created in Elizabeth.  The Foard Construction Company has commissioned artist Abigail Jones to paint a mural on the side of their office building on the corner of Pecan and Bay. Earlier this year they contacted the members of the ECA Art committee who met with Abigail and viewed her proposed design. A somewhat abstracted view of the city skyline will be rendered monochromatically on the side of the brick façade facing the railroad tracks. It will serve in many respects as a gateway to the neighborhood. Work on the project began in mid-September.

The Art committee has gotten to know Abigail during the course of conversations and while documenting her progress.  When asked if she’d share a little of her background with the neighborhood she offered this short bio:

My name is Abigail Jones. After graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Studio Arts and a concentration in Painting and Drawing in 2013, I was filled with wanderlust. So, I traveled to Arizona and worked for a conservation corps doing trail work in correlation with the National Park Service and National Forest Service. Once my contract ended I came back to the home I know and love in North Carolina to pursue my dream to be a starving artist. I am inspired by people, their stories, adventures, heartaches, beliefs, and their individualism. My desire to portray this in my work spawned off of a series I did about my own life, and how I began to find hope, despite the depths of my past. 

More of Abigail’s work can be viewed on her website: jonesab09.wix.com/art-of-abigail-jones